Water Works

At Chuze, you can run, walk, or crawl your way to fit. Enjoy a great workout or join our water exercise classes in our 25m-length lap pool, then work out any remaining kinks, aches and pains in a bubbly, relaxing 100-degree hot tub.

Our fitness center offers gyms with pools & hot tub to help release tensions in your muscles and lessen symptoms from muscle strains or even arthritis. Enjoy our indoor pool area for fun or do an aquatic exercise or join swimming lessons, it’s all up to you.

Aquatic exercises are a great cardiovascular workout, help tone and strengthen your muscles. Use a wide range of physical activities such as lap swim, aqua jogging, water aerobics, deep-water walking, arm & leg exercise and resistance training with a kickboard. You can do it on your own, with personal training, join aqua classes or group water exercise classes.

Getting a workout in a public swimming pool or outdoor pool can be challenging due to several factors such as crowds, water quality, sunburns, lack of water safety (lifeguard), etc.-, which is why indoor gyms with pools can be really helpful for those who enjoy swim sessions and aqua classes at a safe & clean facility. So say goodbye to the outdoor pool and take your swim lesson or workout to the next level at Chuze!

And, if you’re not up for an open swim or water aerobics, treat yourself to a relaxing sauna, we have all the facilities you need here at Chuze.

Our facilities and amenities are designed to be perfect for your fitness needs! Check out our gym with swimming pool and find the nearest Chuze fitness center near you. Be sure to check out our other group exercise classes included with our gym memberships!