Electric Mobility since 2016


Urban Drivestyle

Urban Drivestyle, an e-bike brand that originated in Europe, was founded in 2016 by a group of e-bike fans and designers.

The prototype of 1st Unimoke was on indiegogo and had successfully generated $500,000 in only 6 weeks, from a small garage to a global brand in 3 years, and built up a very loyal and strong community. The concept of "For fun, For work, for family" not only be satisfied the needs of life, but also inspires people's love for urban bike culture, and makes bikes cooler, more functional, and more affordable.

In 2023, SEic team unified to lead the global brand management, further integrating the expertise and DNA of the German industrial design team with Taiwan's world-class technology, and carried out product upgrades and optimizations, continuously developing accessories for these vehicles, expanding overseas, deepening local services, and insisting on leading the field of urban cycling with innovative riding experiences.


The Unimoke is the coolest sport utility e-bike EVER! Featuring the longest bike seat on the planet and the best components, this amazing e-bike will take you anywhere in style and is adaptable to any need! Seat extension rack, cargo deck or child seat – you decide how you wanna ride! Put on some footpegs or a ‘Weber coupling trailer’ to extend the variety of transportation possibilities even more!


Designer Story

The idea is as simple as it is crazy: a universal urban vehicle. Something that can do more than all my wheels combined and makes me want to sell my car.

The approach: rigorously pragmatic. What doesn't work, gets scrapped. Thin rims and tires that fail at curbs - out with them. City life means shopping, going to a barbecue, taking people with you. All of that has to be possible.

The bike designs itself. The elements inevitably arise from the requirements. The continuous seat of the mopeds from the 70s is the perfect answer to the desire to take friends with you - or simply to change the seating position. The powerful electric drive makes it possible to build the frame so stable that the bike withstands any stress and creates a truly unique, powerful driving experience.

The Unimoke was born and became our first major crowdfunding success in 2017. This was followed by the development of the Uniwing - why? Many of our bike owners asked us for a step-through version of the Unimoke, especially for delivery purposes. We constantly develop our bikes and vehicles, taking on the customers' wishes and ideas.


Who we are

Our objective is twofold; we aim to offer not only an unparalleled driving experience and a distinctive driving style but also to maintain a constant personal dialogue with our customers to ensure their preferences are met.